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Here is a recent interview I did with Alex at  Alex’s company does a great job writing property management specific content.  Alex refers all of his business to us because he knows that his job is a lot easier when we build his customers’ sites.

Read the full blog post HERE.

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Property Manager Websites Launches Mobile Property Management Web Sites

Atlanta, GA.  Property Manager Websites is proud to announce the launch of our mobile website for our customers.  With mobile traffic increasing, and on pace to pass desktop traffic in the next few years, it is important to consider how your customers interact with your site on mobile devices.  While every property manager website that we build is “mobile friendly”, these new mobile versions enhance the website experience for the smaller displays associated with mobile devices.  A “mobile friendly” site will work across all browsers including Iphone, Android, and Blackberry, but the experience can be difficult as some of the navigation may be very small and hard to interact with using fingers.  A mobile property management website will make the mobile experience better through bigger buttons for the most traveled sections of the site.

All of the key pages that are most navigated by customers are clearly called out, and use big buttons for easy use on every mobile device.  The feature we are most proud of is our mobile rental property display.  Every listing currently available for our customers is easy to access, and the photo experience is fantastic.  Potential tenants can now finger swipe through all of your photos, and easily contact you auto dial buttons and contact forms.

To see our mobile site in action you can visit from your mobile device.  This company does property management in Houston, TX and is one of our first customers to use our mobile site.  Another great example is  This Cape Coral property management company helped us build our mobile experience.

We build property management websites, and we love what we do!

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Property Manager Websites Launches its 100th Website

Atlanta, GA.  We are proud to announce the launch of our 100th website!  We couldn’t be happier that the hard working ladies at Bell Anderson Property Management ( have received this distinction.  Vickie and Carrie are among my favorite property managers, and Kasey did a phenomenal job keeping the project rolling.  The goal of the site is to increase organic rankings for search for Kent Property Management, and the surrounding areas, improve conversion to the site for both tenants and investors, and improve efficiency for their existing clients.

We started with a fresh design that evokes the power and expertise that Vickie, as a past NARPM president brings to the business, and added all the “Traffic Cop” elements to the front page.  We call the home page a traffic cop because every property manager has different types of people that interact with the site, and we want to get them to the appropriate content in one click.  Once they arrive to the content, we want them to interact with the business, and preferably hire them.  We accomplish this through the use of callouts, forms, and phone numbers in the appropriate areas of their property management landing pages.  We conducted an SEO review on all of their pages, and optimized them appropriately.

To display their listings, Bell-Anderson chose the Free Rental Site marketing widget.  This rental management system allows property managers to manage and market their listings in one easy place.  By placing their listings on Free Rental Site, their listings automatically go to their website, the NARPM chapter site and Facebook page, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and every other relevant rental marketing website.  Bell Anderson chose to have their photos watermarked to prevent the bad guys from creating fraudulent ads on all of those sites.  The watermark passes through our industry best feeds to our partners, and virtually eliminates all fraud.  These are a few of the hundreds of features that are included with a Free Rental Site Pro Package, and designed specifically for the rental industry.

We take pride in helping property managers create a lasting web asset for their business.  We build property management websites, and we love what we do!

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Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Website Provides Value for Its Members

Colorado Springs, CO.  In August of 2012, Property Manager Websites launched a chapter website for the Colorado Springs chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  The website, was a brand new URL at the time.  While the URL is a nice exact match domain, it still usually takes a while (more than a year) for a site to start to appear in search results.  Today I did an incognito search for “Colorado Springs Property Management” from Atlanta, GA and found the chapter website on the front page.  These are incredible results for such a young site and such a competitive search term.

The goal of the initiative is for the chapter to present their membership to the investor community as they search for property managers to manage their investment property, and to increase the value of a NARPM membership.  NARPM members usually do property management full time, and follow a code of ethics that other property managers are not bound by.  The directory on the site allows the user to search for property managers that are closest to the property that they would like to have managed, and is powered by technology from, and built exclusively for NARPM.  This is a great example of a local NARPM chapter taking control of their market through the use of technology, and we are proud to be a part of that effort.

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We are Hiring HTML Programmers in our Atlanta Office

Talented, Enthusiastic, HTML Developer Needed 

Exciting opportunity with growing company in the international real estate space! We are looking for bright, enthusiastic, hard-working programmers to help build and implement our world class products. This is a long term opportunity with room for growth for exceptional programmers.


-Program HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery (Preferred but not required)

-Work directly with our development staff on meaningful projects

-Finish projects quickly and to our exacting standards

-Help us change the way people do business in our industry

-Have fun, grow and learn from some of the best programmers on earth

-Work hard for 40 hours a week, and enjoy the rest of your life!


– Work in our Roswell, GA office right of Holcomb Bridge and 400
– Have a servant’s mentality for our customers
– Be obsessed about quality and pay attention to detail
– Solid project management skills and ability to multi-task projects
– Detail oriented, reliable, self-starting individual
– Productive, fun, and creative

Salary range is $32-40K depending on experience and skill level.

We are a profitable, self-funded internet company with an experienced leadership team.  This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a great company.

Please submit resume and salary requirements to:

No recruiters please

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Accept Rental Applications Online. Property Manager Websites to Unveil Paperless Rental Applications at National Association of Residential Property Managers Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Washington, DC. is proud to announce the completion of our online rental application for property management companies.  eRental Applications is now available for property management companies to accept all pertinent tenant information, gather an e-signature, and collect application funds without a merchant account from any device, anywhere in the world.

The nineties called…they want their application back!  Despite large steps forward in technology, most property management companies still accept rental applications the old fashioned way.  Asking tenants to print a PDF, fill it out, scan it, email it back is now a thing of the past.  eRental Applications automates the entire process.  Property managers can create their existing application online, embed it on their website, and track the application process every step of the way.

e Rental Applications allows property management companies to obtain all required information to quickly and accurately process applications in seconds.  Companies can also accept tenant signatures via e signature, or the tenant can sign with their finger on an iPad.  Property managers can then collect the required funds and know that any online application that comes in has been paid for.

Property management companies can quickly and painlessly share their application with the world in several easy ways.  Send a link to your tenants via email, embed the application on your website, Facebook page, or anywhere else on the internet.  Finally, put a QR code on your business card and/or yard sign.  You never have to print out and carry paper applications again.  Sharing your application has never been easier.

Once the application has been submitted, property managers can manage all of their applications in one convenient place, and without paper.  Every time an application comes in, the appropriate parties are notified.  Tenants receive status emails every step of the way.  Let tenants know whether they are approved or denied with the click of the mouse.

Property Management is hard, accepting rental applications is not.  To get started visit our page: Rental Applications.  We would appreciate your likes on our Facebook page.

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Crush Craigslist Fraud! Watermark your images.

Denver, CO.  Craigslist is a useful resource for property managers to find tenants.  It is also a useful source for criminals to find suckers.  The most common scam in the rental market is to fraudulently advertise a property that one does not own or manage, and represent that they do.  Often the perpetrator uses legitimate photos of actual properties for sale or rent, and advertises the property on Craigslist for a significantly reduced rent.  Bad guys use Craigslist because it is very rarely monitored and the company relies on the community to police the site.  Usually it does not work, and often the fraudulent ads get through.  Unsuspecting tenants will reply to the ad and be sent on a wild goose chase of shady foreign emails, questionable money order drops, and creepy cash for keys communications.

Many property management companies do not use Craigslist because they don’t like to deal with the fraud.  Unfortunately for many of these managers, their legitimate advertisements are the starting point for these scams.  Property managers use their website, or another legitimate site to advertise a rental and post lots of great photos.  With a few clicks of the mouse, a criminal owns the photos, and a new ad for the exact same property appears on Craigslist for 50% of the advertised price, a deal that is too good to be true.  While most consumers will have the savvy to sniff out the amazing deal, many will not.  Every year a new crop of brand new tenants hits the rental market and enough of them fall prey to the scam to keep the crooks in business.  Even though this property manager decided not to use Craigslist, their properties made it there anyway.  Often the property manager will only find out a few weeks later when their new tenant contacts them to move in.  Then the fun really starts!

If you are a property manager, or investor and want these guys to pick on someone else, just watermark your images.  These guys are lazy, and would rather take a nice clean image and use it for their scam.  If you put your logo, company name and phone number on the image, 99.9% of the time they will move on to the next victim.  In order to successfully rid the internet of unmarked images, you must watermark at the source.  This means that your original photo upload must have the watermark.  If you upload some images with a watermark and some without, those unmarked images can be used for fraud.  Make sure that the images are watermarked prior to distributing them to other websites, or posting on Craigslist.

Our Property Management Website customers that use our Free Rental Site rental marketing platform get watermarking included with their other marketing tools.  As their photos are uploaded, our software attaches a custom logo and custom message like the ones below.  The logo and font sizes can be customized.




This logo and message are now a part of their image as they are passed on to our distribution network:  Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Vast, Trovit, and on our Craigslist converter.  George Trombley with Blackbird Realty, a Las Vegas Property Management Company recently added watermarking to his website and remarked, “Our Craigslist problem disappeared immediately, and we haven’t dealt with this problem since.”  Problem solved, no more fraud for Blackbird, and they can concentrate on growing their business.  It really is that easy.  If you are an existing customer and want to add watermarking to your listings, just contact us.  If you are tired of Craigslist fraud and want it to stop, we can help.  Contact us to get started.

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Property Manager Websites Re-Launches

Kissimmee, FL.  Property Manager Websites is proud to announce the Re-Launch of  This is the website for Kissimmee property management company Allegiant Management Group.  The site was built to help the company attract and convert more customers searching for property managers in Kissimmee and tenants searching for Kissimmee homes for rent.

Maria Napolitano, the owner and broker of the business chose the Property Manager Websites team for their experience in building property management specific websites.  “It’s very nice to work with a company that specializes in property management and understands the unique challenges of our industry,” said Napolitano.   “Usually we have to explain the industry to anyone that we work with, but not with this team.”

Allegiant Management Group is located at 1200 N. Central Ave. Suite 101
Kissimmee, FL 34741 and can be reached at (407) 557-3164.  Allegiant specializes in the management of long term residential rentals, mostly houses, townhomes and condos.  Property Manager Websites uses listing technology from and more than 10 years of experience building technology for property management companies to craft web assets for their customers.  Our other customers are listed here:  Property Management Websites.

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2012 Florida State NARPM Property Management Conference

“It’s A Great Time To Be In Property Management”

There was a lot of fun and friends at the 2012 NARPM Florida State conference held in Orlando Florida September 20-21.  This years theme was tacky tourists and there was no shortage of creativity with the costumes.

Property Manager Websites is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the event this year and contributed with a website to the Florida State Chapter.

The site,, features information about the chapter, benefits of joining and venue information for the conference.

A big thank you to Maria Napolitano from AMG Rents and Robbie Tarter from Florida Rental Ads for all of the help and major effort in making the site what it is.

With a Gold sponsor, Property Manager Websites President Dave Borden had the opportunity to speak and thank the chapter for the opportunity.

Property Manager Websites

Dave Borden(left), and Michelle Brassard(right) speaking at the 2012 NARPM Florida State Conference in Orlando Florida.

A big thank you to the chapter and all of the great conversations we had with everyone.  Thank you for supporting Property Manager Websites!

Looking forward to coming back next year!

Property Manager Websites team. Left to right: Adam Field, Clay Carter, David Borden, Jonathan Ewen and Tonya O’Dell

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Property Manager Websites Re-Launches to Increase Traffic and Conversion for Denver and Boulder Property Management

Boulder, CO. is proud to announce the re-launch of  This is the website for Colorado Realty and Property Management, Inc.  The goal of the website is to help Colorado RPM compete for organic traffic for Boulder Property Management and other organic search terms.  In conjunction with the website launch, Colorado RPM has recently opened their new office location right across from Folsom field in the Heart of Boulder, CO, right next to the CU campus.  Lyle Haas, President of the metro Denver chapter of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) is determined to bring his reputation as a top notch Denver Property Manager to Boulder.

Mr. Haas is joined in his new office by his experienced staff of Boulder property managers including his wife Paula Haas, Alisha Sill, Christina Feroe, Bryce Walsh, and leasing agent Julia Farrall.  This team represents more than 50 years of managing real estate all along Colorado’s front range.  The business currently manages over 300 homes in the Denver metro and Boulder area.  The business manages single family homes, condos, townhomes, and small apartment buildings for Colorado investors that do not have the time or resources to manage their properties on their own.

Colorado Realty and Property Management has offices in Westminster, CO and this office which is located at 1400 Folsom Street Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80302.  They can be reached at 303-442-4000.

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